Quickstart connection failure


This is my first attempt at using blynk. So far the quickstart has been very helpful, but I’ve hit a snag at the end.

Device: TinyPICO connecting over WIFI
Blynk arduino version: Arduino library 1.1.0, and quickstart sketch reports v0.5.8 on Arduino

I ran the quickstart sketch, and at first it reproted ‘invalid auth token’. However, when I comment out this:

Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass);

and uncomment the second Blynk.begin() line in the sketch,

Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass, "blynk.cloud", 80);

it appears to connects, i.e. I get this in the serial console:

07:01:18.344 -> [539310] Connecting to blynk.cloud:80
07:01:18.410 -> [539388] Ready (ping: 36ms).
07:01:23.589 -> [544562] Connecting to blynk.cloud:80
07:01:23.658 -> [544637] Ready (ping: 35ms).

however, in the last step of the quickstart guide, the right hand panel just says ‘connecting…’, apparently indefinitely (its been about half an hour now).

I’ve checked back to the serial console, and all appears well there. I’ve double-checked the ‘firmware configuration’ in the blynk-console. The template ID and authorisation agree with what the quickstart tool generated, but the device name differed slightly (‘Quickstart Template’ vs ‘Quickstart Device’); alas updating this in the sketch doesn’t result in a connection.

I’ve checked the troublshooting page linked in the quickstart tool, but it only gives very basic pointers, none of which seem to apply here.

Anway, I’m stuck with the device itself apparently working (as far as I can understand what is showing up in the serial console), but not showing up as connected in the online Blynk.Console.

Any help much appreciated!



What exactly does this mean?
If you’re seeing this in your serial output at the bottom of the Blynk logo then I suspect that you have the Blynk for Chinese library installed. If so then uninstall that library, revert your sketch to the original Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass); command and re-compile/re-upload the sketch.


Thanks Pete!

That was it. I had initially accidentally installed the chinese version. I had noticed, and just installed the regular one, but didn’t uninstall the chinese one. I’ve now fully uninstalled the chinese version. My device is now showing up.


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