Quick button to zoom out Map to "default" or whole continent / side of planet size


Yes eventually. Timeline for me is
finish up desktop hardware/software testing. Hang up right now is GPS both map widget and occasional erroneous data (am close to resolving-no errors today!)
obtain prototype PCB
test hardware/software with PCB
obtain prototype enclosure to faciliatate real world test-not on my desk! :sweat_smile:
line up vendors
publish app
beta testing
sell sell sell :joy:


Interesting… was it intermittent or dependent on a particular situation?

Admittedly my real world testing (and also deskbound :wink: as my rover doesn’t travel far enough yet) didn’t involve physical GPS, just randomly generated LAT LON, but pin drops and auto zoom to encompass them always seemed to work.


@Eugene, I have installed the update, Thanks. I am able to report that in my testing I am dropping pins consistently. I am still a bit confused on the Map Widget and how it is supposed to operate. When a pin is dropped, what is supposed to happen besides the pin drop, if anything? Is the map supposed to zoom in or not?

I also have myMap.clear(); assigned to V8 and although not in every case, occasionally when I press V8 I get a message that my Electron is off-line. When the message dissappears it does seem to clear the pin though without an additional push of V8.



When a new pin is added, the map is supposed to make sure that all pins (including newly added) are visible to the user. So,

  • if current position/scale are good enough, nothing changed
  • try just changing position (without affecting zoom) to make all pins visible
  • at last, change position and zoom to make all pins visible

Sounds like you do syncing virtual pins on conecting to server in your skecth…

Using the map with js library

Ok, thanks for the explanation. Seems to work fine then.

// This function will run every time Blynk connection is established
  // Request Blynk server to re-send latest values for all pins

so does that mean unless I eliminate this, I will continue to see this problem? Might be confusing for an end user especially since they will not have advantage of serial monitor. :thinking:


You can change the logic of how you’re responding to the button action. Or just sync only those pins you want to :


Ill check it out. Thank you


My take on this would be that a zoom control parameter would be useful. Plotting the location of a beehive and with only one location the map is zooming in automatically, which is fine, but to such a High precision that the whole map is only detailing a few meters of land. That’s completely useless, the scale is so small that you can’t see where it is… It’s just a pointer in a sea of pink.

If you could parameterize the scale so that you could see, for example 10 mtrs per pixel, then you could see where the position of your marker was in relation to roads etc., without having to zoom out with multiple finger swipes to make the map useful.

Having the scale marker on the Blynk map would be useful too, I think :thinking:


Hello, my English is not very good, I think your project of vehicle alarm is very interesting and I would like to do it please can you tell me what hardware do you use and the sketch, thank you very much in advance