Questions regarding mq2 gas measurement project

why i cant connect it with my blynk?

More information required.


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hello sir pete. i am trying to run it in my esp8266. how can i convert that code to esp8266?

Use the sketch builder to see the differences in libraries etc between an Uno with Ethernet shield and a NodeMCU, then make the appropriate changes.


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hello. mine was not starting in lower number… it already starts with 30k+ reading. how do i repair it? how do i make the reading like yours. and how do you make ppm?

@jamven10 I’ve move your nonsensical questions from the @ErfanDL topic in to a new one, so that future readers of that topic don’t have to see them.

If you have a genuine question about that project please post it here, along with details of the hardware you are using, the changes you’ve made with the code, details of how you’ve set-up the app, and any useful output from your serial monitor.
If you tag @ErfanDL in those questions then they will be alerted to your question.

As you appear to have another parallel topic running regarding the same project I’d suggest you use one location in which to request assistance, otherwise things will get very messy.
Forum members quickly become disillusioned when new members ask one-line questions without providing sufficient background information, so the more relevant information you can share, and the more effort you put into presenting that data in a logical way, the more likely you are to get assistance.



please post your ESP8266 code.

hello sir, how do you make the gauge in ppm? did i make this right?


reading rate 1 second sir?