Question on restful api

I wanted to build in an extra check (as the devices get offline sometimes and then the vpin updates go wrong). The extra check is to see if the relay pin is turned on or off and act accordingly.

Howver when I do a request I get: “Requested pin doesn’t exist in the app.” (I noticed that this happens for both digital and virtual pins) even though the hardware IS using these pins.
This makes me wonder: if the app is offline (phone is off) are these pins updated by the server? I would presume so, but if that is the case why do I get that message? There’s an argument to be made for the virtual pins, but certainly NOT for the digital pins as these are pure hardware related, not app related.

As the message points, you should have connected the pin to a widget in your app besides the hatdware.

thank you for stating the obivous, but that’s not at all an answer to my question(s)…

I’m not the person to ask. @Dmitriy is the one

This message says that requested pin has no value assigned. This may happen when you haven’t put any value in it yet (despite have you widget on that pin or not).
Also digital pins should be accessed via index and not alias name. Mapping is here -

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thnx. My other question was: are these values also updated when the app is not active? Its not clear.


k thnx