Question about sharing

Over a year ago I developed a Blynk app for controlling a floor lamp for my daughter that uses a particle photon and an LED strip so she can control the lamp from her phone. I developed the app on my phone then shared it with her so she could control the lamp from her phone. We have both switched phones and reinstalled the blynk app at least once and I’m pretty sure all of our devices are up to date version wise. The app appears to work fine from my phone, where it was developed, but she recently contacted me indicating she couldn’t get to the app. Since I forgot to save the original QR code, I went into my app and generated a new one, which I e-mailed to myself. In order to test, I installed the blynk app on my iPad, but when I try to snap a picture of the QR code, I’m told that app is not longer shared. Funny, the sharing is turned on when I look in the app on my phone. I’m trying to understand the requirements for continued sharing over time. I still have energy on my account according to my phone where I do the development work. At least I didn’t seem to be bit by the issue of energy being taken away when generated the new QR code, like I’ve seen on other posts. I welcome any suggestions as what is causing my problem.

On a related note, how long should I expect the the various APIs and functions to be supported? What I mean is now that I’ve developed this, can I expect things to stop working eventually as code is updated on the Blynk servers? (Assume my code hasn’t changed, and I’m not pushing updates on my end)


Is that exactly message?

Here is exactly what I see on the screen:

Please make sure the original project is running when you scan the qr code

Thanks, I’ll try that when I get a chance later today. When you say I have to have the original app running, does it have to be active on my phone, or can it simply be running “in the background” on my phone? This seems like it could be a coordination issue when trying to share with others. For example, “Call me when you’re ready to activate the program so I can turn it on at my end”.

it can be running “in background”. When you run your project, its state (running) is saved on server, and it has to be so if you share it with others.

I just tried this again. Same result. Even when I had the application in the foreground on my cell phone.

If it is ok for you, pm me the code (you’ll be able refresh it later)
Also from within your app with original project, got to ‘About’ page and send the logs.

Ok, while poking around to grab the information you asked for, I discovered the app version on the iPad I’m using was updated to v 2.8.3. My phone was still using 2.8.2. I updated the app on my phone and tried again. No luck. Then I figured I’d try generating the QR code again now that I was on 2.8.3. Once I did that, I was able to sync the app to the iPad. Unfortunately, that cost me another 1000 in energy. :unamused:

So, what’s the deal on when you actually get charged for the QR code? I did not turn off sharing, I just created a new code. The last time I did that, I wasn’t charged.

Also, I’m wondering if there is a way to keep an app synced such that the QR code does not need to be re-scanned. When I went to close the app on the iPad, it warned me I would have to re-scan the code. I would think the app should be able to store knowledge of multiple apps that can be re-loaded automatically when the app starts. Or maybe I’m not using something properly.

Please pm more details (your account email, project, dates) to @Dmitriy to check if there was en error.

You probably mean not close but exit (button at the top left). To close the app you just hit iPhone’s Home button, right?

At the moment only one shared project may be in use.

No, I did use the exit at the top left. I guess the app doesn’t store the most recent application details when you exit. I guess it’s just a habit of mine to actually close things out completely often. I’ve seen to many things burn up battery by leaving them “in the background” so I go all the way out. I’ll have to remind my daughter not to do that too so she doesn’t have to re-scan the code. It would be nice if the app could maintain a list of projects it has scanned and you pick the one you want to use when you start the application fresh, but I understand there are only so many features one can code into a product at a time! I’ve only worked on the one app so far, so I’m not familiar with how it manages multiple projects.

Thanks for your help.

Again, if you exit via the top left button, you’ll loose shared project connection. If you just close the app (and remove it from background) it should work back when you launch the app later.

Yeah, I get it now. You have to understand I created this project for my daughter over a year ago over a weekend. The fact I was able to design, build and test the whole thing in one weekend is a testament to flexibility of the tools provided. Keep in mind I’m more of a part time hobbyist with the electronics. I work in IT with servers, cloud and enterprise applications. IoT is more of a part time interest. Anyhow, after the fun weekend project, I’ve pretty much not touched this again with the exception of a code update I needed make for the particle MCU. I only started looking at this again after my daughter recently indicated she couldn’t attach to the project after the college winter break. So I was jumping back in to figure out what was happening. If I used this more frequently, I’m sure I would appear less ignorant about how the app works.

I really appreciate all your help and patience. I’m also looking forward to getting some time to try out another project and incorporating blynk for the UI.