Quaternion Widget?

Any plan on adding Quaternion visualisation?

Could you please explain the use-case?

Hi Pavel,
I could see Blynk used by someone having good idea, show the concept of an idea in no time. So Blynk gives visualization of sensors data, such ad Graph, vu-meter, LED, etc. The same with Accelerometer + Gyro, the best way to visualize them is to have Quaternion view.


After thinking again, this relatively high speed or complex signals, from IMU engine, audio, or any other sensor would better go to something like Matlab to do prototype processing for algorithm development. Blynk will just do human interface.

New IMU sensors include fusion Euler angles and quaternions.

See for example


Why do you post into this topic?

There are two graphs: one for live streaming and another one for logging historical data. You can just put them on the canvas to see how they look like.

Because multiple values in a series on the same axis and a separate partitioning axis help to understand outliers. A simple example is my device logs 1 reading per minute, and I want a history charts showing values by hour. Thats 60 readings for one segment of time in my x axis with the reading on the y. A quarternary graph helps to visualize outliers in this time frame and do comparisons to understand the deviations. Here’s an example, but it’s multiple readings over weekdays. I think all we are asking for is a history chart that offers multiple values on the y-axis and a definable series for time on the x axis. You probably wouldn’t need to add the actual standard deviations as in this box plot (would be nice though). Just the multiple values and customizable x-axis is plenty. Given the very limited real estate on a phone or iPad this solves the problem of communicatin a lot of information in a small space.