QR Code has wrong Local Server address

I setup a local server. So far everything is working.
When I try to share my project the QR Code is created and I send it out.

If we try to access the project it does not connect. I found that the link does not have the right server address.
For example, the generate URL is:

Note the 2604 after server=

If I correct it by replacing the 2604 with my server address and recreate the QR Code (using http://www.qr-code-generator.com/), then it works no problem.

I am wondering where that 2604 comes from and where can I configure it…

Thanks a bunch



Thank you for the quick response.
It was indeed that line. I had put a previous host name there, that does not exists anymore. Forgot to update it.
What threw me off was that number 2604 that I could not identify…

Again, thanks for a great platform.

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