Q: using multiple shared links?

I have a couple of Blynk projects that I want to share with my non-techie wife (via Generate Link).

I installed Blynk on her Android phone, and was able to scan in the shared link from my phone, and she could interact with the app.

But it looks like that “takes over” the Blynk app - I can’t figure out how to have her use a second shared Blynk project, without losing access to the first app. Scanning a shared link appears to occur when you are logged out of the Blynk app, and it looks temporary.

Ideally I would like to put a couple of home screen shortcuts on her phone (similar to how I can when I author a project), that she could load the desired shared project. I thought there would be some kind of list of installed (in this case of shared links) similar to what I see for all of my projects.

Am I understanding how to use the shared links correctly?

– Steven

Fundamentally, there are two forms of Blynk Sharing,

  1. Shared access to your hardware
  2. Share your Project configuration

You’re leveraging Option #1. It’s almost like screen sharing. Your project must be running on your smart device in order for your wife to access it. Your wife can access your project without logging into a Blynk account. This option only works with the devices associated with your project.

Option #2 would allow your wife to create a copy (clone) of your project. Your wife must have the needed Energy Balance. There’s no “link” between the original and cloned projects. There’s no “programmatic” way of updating the clone to reflect changes to the original. The two projects must be maintained independently. Your wife would have her own devices.

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A third option, and what I use across all my phones/tablets, is simply log into the same account with same credentials. No extra energy requirements and multiple phones/tablets can simultaneously control the exact same project, or each can control totally different projects in the same account.

Simply teach her how to never enter the edit mode, or how to get back to play mode if she does.

Note: as all logged in phones/tablets act as one (when looking at same project), if you are in edit or play mode of a particular project, so are all other logged in phones/tablets when looking at same project. Pressing a button or moving a slider on one will show same action on all others.

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