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I use Blynk to control my Arduino Yun remotely. I noticed that when the Blynk library is
updated, the Blynk App stops responding. To regain control over my Yun, the
only thing I need to do is update the library in my Arduino IDE, compile the
code and upload it to the board. Is this normal or is an issue with my board?


Sounds normal to me.

Well, if it’s not an issue with the hardware then, it’s not normal. None of my many iPhone apps stop
working due to a pending upgrade :confused:

I’m a bit confused by your term pending, perhaps you can elaborate on the term.
Do your many iPhone apps interface with your Yun?

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No. What I meant is that an app shouldn’t stop working if it isn’t the latest version. In my case, (it’s probably an isolated case) the Blynk app stops responding when a new Blynk library version is out.

Never happens with Android maybe just an iOS issue but I would be surprised as nobody else has ever mentioned it.

You mean each time x or y changes in 0.x.y library your iOS app no longer works just because Blynk have announced there is a new version of the library available?

Or do you mean when the iOS app version changes rather than the libraries?

Did you use setProperty feature?

Ok, I use my widget to activate a relay. When a new version of the library is out, I cannot activate that relay any longer. To regain control of the widget, I need to compile and upload the sketch again. I usually find out about the new version of a library when I execute the Arduino IDE. It took me a while to link my problem with the new versions of the library.

I don’t think so because I don´t know how/where to do it :slight_smile:

Are you actually updating the Blynk libraries via the IDE?
Unless it has changed recently you can’t do it in the IDE.
There are 5 libraries in the GitHub and the IDE can only handle the update of a single library, not 5 in a single zip file etc.
To be honest most of the libraries in the pack of 5 don’t change very often so it might be possible to update the main Blynk library via the IDE now. Perhaps @vshymanskyy could indicate what the latest position is with updating the libraries through the IDE.

Yes, I do update the libraries in IDE when notified by the Ardunio app itself. The last Blynk library update was done 2 days ago. Now, I don’t know which of the 5 libraries was updated since the update is done automatically by the Arduino Windows app.

The GitHub still states the libraries should be installed manually so I would stop using the Arduino IDE.