I have been looking at PushNotifcation.ino. When I look at the example code I can see where the function is setup to be called every minute. I also see where uptime notification happens. Where I am confused is the notifyOnButtonPress. As, it looks to me that each time the button is pressed, a notification will be sent. I do not understand how the one minute limit is applied to the button.

I looked at the other posts related to this issue and from what I can see, an explanation is not really given for my question. They mostly just say that you can only send one message per minute. That, I understand. How I manage to pull that off, I do not.


One minute limit is set on the server side

If you run a local server I believe you can set this value lower, but that takes a computer of course and some extra work.

Thanks for the reply guys. I guess I did not ask a very good question, sorry.
I do understand that the cloud server limits the push notification to one minute. I also understand that by using local server I can adjust that to whatever I like.

What I do not understand is the code in the example. While I can see how the uptime notification is set to only update for one minute, how is that code handling the button? It appears to me that EACH time I push the button, a message gets sent. I could potentially push the button many more times then once a minute. Where in this code example is the code limiting the message being sent to one minute for the push button?

If I had a sensor that monitors motion or distance and I wanted to use that sensor to alert me to a condition via push notification, how would I limit it to only one message per minute? If I understood this example, this is exactly what I need. Just replace the button with any sensor I would like to use.

I hope that explains my question in more detail.

Thanks again

There isn’t anything in the code that restricts the 1 message per minute. It is Blynk’s system that makes the restriction to prevent people from sending hundreds of messages per second. So you can press the button as often as you like but you will only get 1 notification per minute.

Geez, talk about not being able to see the forest for the trees! Thank you for that. :flushed: