Push Notifications with Shared Access

I have a project that has been working fine on my Android for a while. It is basically a PIR sensor that sends a notification when triggered, and waits for 30sec of inactivity before allowing another notification (it is ‘flood proofed’). I recently used 1000pts of energy to give my wife shared access on her iPhone. The point was to have my device notify her phone.

Everything is still working properly on my Android, and most of the shared project works fine on her iPhone, except she does not get the notifications (my phone is still getting them). We verified her phone is setup to allow notifications from the Blynk app. It appears the notifications are not sent to shared devices; is this correct?

If so, then my 1000pts of energy may have just gone to waste. :frowning:


Maybe I jumped the gun… or not? Anyhow 10min after posting this my wife did get a notification. I presume it was just a problem on her phone, or some delay in updating blynk servers… I’ll return if I notice any further problems. For now, I will assume it was just related to user error.

Thanks anyhow,