Push notifications created by other iPhone Apps to Blynk?

I have been expanding my WIoT device to do more by pulling data from other online sources (i.e. waste collection schedule). I was wondering if Blynk had a way to parse other notification sent to my phone and allow me to send those to my hardware. For example, I have The Weather Network alerts that pop up with warnings. I’d like to be able to capture that warning text, and send it to my WIoT device to display there. Is this possible?

It is impossible. iOS app can access own notifications only (e.g. sent via Blynk.notify() function in your sketch).

I believe the desired goal could be achieved only via http API integration with the weather network service.

Or webhooks perhaps if Blynk’s iOS version has it?

it does

Thx guys. I was trying to avoid webhooks or other direct HTTP request (already doing lots of that) and was hoping that iOS exposed some part of it’s framework to catch notifications on the phone that Blynk could then “see” and do something with.