Push notification and IOS

I am a beginner and trying to do a project that uses Arduino and Adafruit BLE connected to IOS. When the device go far from the phone around 20-30 meters, it sends a push notification to the iPhone by using Blynk app. Is that something I can accomplish using push notification widget? please help?

I don’t think that is possible. The BLE is used as communication, not as beacon with signal strength levels (that I am aware of). And once that communication link is broken, I don’t see how the app can respond. Perhaps a future eventor option?

GPS might work better, but possibly only at longer distances (you will have to experiment)… and that requires that your device location is where you pin the GPS marker, and that the device never moves.

I thought it says that it sends push notification when the device goes offline. isn’t that mean when the BLE disconnect (within its range ) it will send push notification?

I believe that is for an App-Server-Device link, and meant as offline notification between the device and the server, not the app and server.

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Is there any way that -Arduino+BLE+LED+ Blynk app- can work as a beacon ?

@Dmitriy can you please give me info on this ?