Provisioning with WPA

Hello all
I’d like to ask if anyone knows how to add wpa encryption when Blynk is provisioning.

For example: someone presses the reset button during boot so to restore default config of wifi settings
and then connects the device to his smartphone app.

→ is it possible to add WPA so only the one who knows that password being able to connect?

I’m confused by your question and some of your comments.

Have you actually tried the provisioning and credentials reset process of the Edgent example sketch?


Hello Pete
Thank you for quick reply

I’m sorry for confusing you, maybe I didn’t put it right.

What I’m actually saying is that I’m trying to find a way to put a predefined WPA pass to the default SSID while device is acting as an AP prior to connect to the smartphone app.

For example default SSID is “Blynk Device 6388” without any pass or encryption

I want to make it: SSID= “MyDevice2023” with WPA= “12345678”

Is that possible?

Why are you even using the captive portal to provision devices?
Why aren’t you doing this via the Blynk app?


Sorry… I didn’t understand what you mean with captive portal…

What I actually want is when device to AP mode asking for Wi-Fi password in order to connect to smartphone app.
By default it’s open Wi-Fi, without password.

That means that if anyone presses the reset button continuously during boot, device will restore defaults and anyone can see and connect on it. (Because no Wi-Fi password is required)

I want to lock this with Wi-Fi password so I will be only me who can connect and attach device to my account

Captive portal is the webpage that you see when you open the phone’s WiFi settings and choose the device’s SSID.

Why are you using this provisioning method rather than the app?