Provisioning Issue Android

Thanks, I see that the connection to the board gets stuck for some reason. Had not seen such issues before.

@dksmc I have an idea how to fix this issue, but it will probably get into the update after this week’s update. I will write here later when fix will be uploaded to play store.

Sounds good! I haven’t had any comments about it from customers so it hasn’t been a big issue. Maybe it’s just the combination of my phone/Android, or everyone has an iphone haha.

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Looks like for some time just after connecting to the hardware - the system returns 2 wifi points, and the blynk app may try to use the wrong one to communicate with the hardware. Do you have some VPN software or maybe ad blocker?

No, I don’t have VPN or ad blocker unless there is something built into Android I’m not aware of. What I noticed originally (before this issue popped up) was two points would show up in the “pop-up” box, and then one would disappear (if I’m remembering correctly!) But, it used to work. It’s only since I started this thread that the issue started, before that it would connect properly. So I’m not sure what changed.

(in terms of Wifi points, I am using Google Wifi with three access points, but all named the same of course, hasn’t been an issue before)

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Just uploaded 1.5.1 - it may be available to update already or in the nearest days, it contains a fix based on your logs.

OK awesome. Thanks for looking into this. I will check it out in a few days and will let you know if the problem’s gone away.