Project protect code

Is it possible for end user?

Could you please expand your question.

I think he wants user not be able to change the dashboard. This can be achieved via the “Sharing” feature.

Yes, sharing is a good way, but little beat expensive:slight_smile:

I’m afraid that is your only option to achieve it. You could do some built-in check in the code, but that only goes so far. It would still be possible to mess up the dashboard, on the other hand, it’s a one time fee, so that’s not too bad. And the Blynk guys deserve it if you ask me :wink:

Or you could go for a local server on a Raspberry or something. That would allow you to control your own energy.

Cost is relative. Between 70c and 99c seems very cheap to share your fantastic project with the world.


so, what is the difference between local and cloud server to contol energy?

for my “fantastic” project may be, and what about others? Are you a Blynk shareholder?

No, are you?

Will you work for me for the next 12 months for free, please?

You can set your own energy using a local server because it doesn’t involve any cloud-related stuff.

After you. Pease, answer the developers.

Thank you!

I’d like to lower the degree here. Guys, come on.

@Arsen, if you would like to support Blynk, you are welcome to spend $1 and have your own app that you can share with others.

It’s not expensive at all comparing with the time that you would spend on building your own app from scratch (time converted to money I mean)

Pavel sorry, but it was only a technical idea and not about money.