Project got deleted

I’ve been running Blynk a couple of days, and had a nice project setup on my Android Nexus 5 phone, against an Arduino Uno.

  1. This morning I got a message saying that the project could not be saved… I continued to restart the app… and the project was gone…

Is there an explanation to this?

  1. Also I seen that if my Arduino UNO is reset for some reason, I would like the slider to reflect the real settings on the Arduino, but they seem to be working as output only (setup as output pin on pwm), so if the pwm is set back to 0, then the slider does not reflect this.

Is there a way to have it reflect what is actually going on?


Is there an explanation to this?

We did new deployment. And look like Android didn’t behave correctly in that case.

Is there a way to have it reflect what is actually going on?

At the moment you could add your own code for that. In Blynk this feature will be available a bit later.

I’m having the same problem after Blynk update. My device: “Cube T7” Android 4.4.4

@Julian78 When you did update?

I don’t remember the exact date but my device is configured to automatically update to the latest version of Blynk in Play Store.

I had the same issue, I left my house for almost 5 days and everything was working good, and then there was a messange first, saying “your arduino is not in network”, I got this, before update and after update the app. and suddenly my project was gone. so I was worried, because I thought “someone” disconnected the hardware. and this is very frustrating because I had to go back home and see whats the real problem. so I had to do a new project again.

Maybe it would be a good idea to introduce backup function? Or something like local templates, which we could prepare and then use in several similar projects.

If you are on Android, you can do that by creating clone of your project with QR code and then scan it.

I do it for every important project.

Hi, I found this issue which seems to be still keep coming to me as well. Basically I have android phone, but I also gave my account to team member and he uses iphone. Looks like if I logged out, then iphone try to log in, then what ever state in the iphone will take precedent, so if I do lots of changes on Android, it is unfortunately rolled back to what iphone remember. But yes I agree with Pavel, at this stage, better store the important project in QR code…

so you mean sharing option is the solution, for everytime my project might lost, when the app has update?

No. Issue will be fixed. Don’t worry.