Project for School

My school headmaster wants a project that is suitable for school and involves interaction with a phone. I tried searching some projects but I didn’t find any. Can anyone suggest a project or maybe already done it?

  1. An Educational robot
  2. Math Game
  3. Eh IDK more

Use your imagination!
Everything is possible.
Think about the daily problems you encounter. And try to find a solution for it.

For example, I made myself a wake-up light because I have a problem waking up.

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Very good suggestion! Wake-up lights and configurable other types of lights involve creativity (making the light and designing one) and technical challenges. E.g. programming and connecting it.

I heard a colleague say something about a signal light working with blynk local server. The light gave a blynking signal when the shares on the stock market where decreasing. I think he did this with the google API…
Maybe you can give it a little twist.