Problems with mesh wifi network

I have tried to read information in the Topic but I can’t find the solution, I am having problems with a mesh wifi network. I have several of the same equipment with esp32 for a few months, two of them in a different location where the wifi network is not mesh and it works correctly, the problem has arisen with the third equipment located in another location, until a few days ago the network was not mesh and the company changed to a mesh type wifi network and the equipment has stopped working, sometimes it manages to connect but it disconnects after a short time, there are days when it does not connect again. I have changed it to a non-mesh Wi-Fi network and it works perfectly. I’m very worried, I don’t know what to do.
Best regards and thanks.

I can only offer what I know here, but this might help. the tp link system I use has the 2.4 and 5ghz bands with the same ssid (by choice.) There is a setting that will try and force devices to switch to the 5ghz band, or to stronger signal antennas. This is since the 2.4ghz can get congested faster due to the overlapping channels. my photon board I believe is only 2.4ghz. I have not had an issue though. Just something to consider