Problem with TIME INPUT and Daylight Saving Time (DST)

I live in Italy and we enterd in Daylight Saving Time few hours ago. I have got a project with TIME INPUT widget and I found this problem:
from today, if I select a time (for example 11:00), widget automatically change 11:00 into 12:00. The project works and it turns on a light at 11:00, but the widget indicates 12:00. How can I solve this problem?

I’m aware that the above post is more than 4 years old and it’s been related to Blynk legacy.
But exactly the same problem with the time input widget occurred today with Blynk IoT by switching to winter DST. I’m living in Luxembourg and we now have GMT+1. To circumvent the problem I choosed the time zone of Cairo which is GMT+2 to get the correct time input. This should not be the final solution…?

You’d be better starting a new topic, providing full details of whether you are using iOS or Android, and which app version you are running, along with screenshots and any other relevant details.


I’m running version 1.7.0 on Android. The description of the problem is exactly the same as did @mimmo13
4 years ago, where obviously no answer has been posted. Maybe the problem is not that relevant to start a new topic with.