Problem with syncAll - getting VPINS for all devices for the project

I have recently spotted the new function to have more than 1 device per project - so I now have 2. However, when I syncAll for each device I get both sets of the duplicate vpins

e.g. device 1 has V1 = 23 and device 2 has V1 = 45 - i’m using V1 for different things on device 1 and device 2. When I call syncAll on device 1 see it retrieve 23 & 45 leaving my variable for V1 on device 1 with 45 i.e. the value for V1 for device 2.

I have upgraded to the latest version of the code for Arduino Yun using Wifi.

Any suggestions?

Hello. This is bug. Thanks for reporting. Will be fixed very soon.

@koaiwi Fixed. Please check.

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Tested it and looking good. Thanks for the fast response and fix.