Problem with photon andLCD

am using photon in my project
I did garage door opener and I wanna use the LCD in the Blynk to indicate if the door open or close how can I do it with the code ?I would appreciate if any one can help me with that .
also I don’t know how to use virtual in the app ?
thank u

Check all the examples in Blynk examples sketches:

wen am downloading the example for LED its giving me error

No such file or directory
void buttonLedWidget();

or wen am downloading the example for LCD is telling me error also

blynk.cpp:23:17: fatal error: SPI.h: No such file or directory
void setup();

what should I do ?am going to lab and including the blynk in my program .

and it says in the note u should have simpletimer how am gunna get that for Photon ?not Arduino

thank u sir

You are using the wrong example sketch.
start with example for your board (original photon sketch!), then add functionality as needed.

for the photon, you have SparkCorePolledTimer library

hello vhymanskyy thanks for ur replay .
so wen am opening th IDE particle and then going to labb then type Blynk and chosing for example the WidgetLED.h sketch wen am compilling it its not working its telling me

widgetled.cpp:13:22: fatal error: BlynkApi.h: No such file or directory
void setValue(uint8_t value);

can u guide me how to do it ?

i just wanna know how to use the virtual in the blynk i know how to use the digital but not the virtual to get indicater to my phone that garage door is open i dont know how to register it in the code
if u can give me an example for one LED i would appreciate that
thank u sir for ur time