Problem with open App(Android) When use Super chart

i’m On latest version of Android App.
i use a super chart widget The problem is here that when i open Blynk App, The App Take long time to loading maybe (7 Second) and Switching between Tabs did not good with some delay(the old chart was more rapid)

How big project do you have? Are you on Blynk Cloud? 3g/wi-fi?

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My Project have 5 Esp Device Not too Big.
On Local server. wifi

when i removed the super chart App Work better

What version of Android and on what device are you using?
Could you also describe the setup of your super chart?

2.16.2 and ESP

just showing temp an humidity on a device with DHT11.
when App is opening at first chart take some time to load draw the chart

What version of Android OS and what model of Android smarthphone are you using?

@BlynkAndroidDevandroid version 7 Samsung Galaxy S7

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For how long period do you have data in the chart?

2 month