Problem with eventor

Hey, everybody, guys.
I have a problem with the Eventor Widget Setting.
In the APP Blynk, when I go to the menu to create a new event (with notifications, emails, etc…) In the TARGET section, I choose for example "ARDUINO UNO " and create my own event.
Everything works perfectly, as long as in the TARGET does not change device, for example ARDUINO YUN, and start to work events (notifications, emails, etc…) ONLY of this board (ARDUINO YUN) and no more than the previous (ARDUINO UNO).
How come? How can I fix?

Hello. You need to create separate rule for another device.

Hello! Yes, I create a new rule for another device, but then the events only work on the device that remains selected in the TARGET menu.

For example now in the screen is selected this board, ARDUINO UNO, and the events work ONLY from this target… as if all other board would freeze events.

That’s correct. Right now eventor supports only 1 device :frowning: .

I didn’t know! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:
How do I create events using various tabs??

For now I think you need different projects not different TABS.

Could be an idea, but I in the same project of the House I have various devices that have to work with events…

This is question for @Pavel

Try bridging the projects to see if Eventor works as you would like it to work until or if the widget is amended by Blynk.

Hopefully this change will happen soon, it is a great limitation.

Thanks for the help!