Problem with button and digital pin

Hey guys!

I did an Blynk Blynk schetch with 5 humidity sensors and an relay to open an solenoid valve to open the water.

I’ve programmed in the app a button to open the water using an digital pin, and an schedule to open the water every day, but with no apparentle reason, the digital pin stop working, in the schedule and in the button. Sometimes it opens by himself and dont close, and i have to reboot my arduino. I’ve tried with my Arduino UNO and Arduino MEGA, using an Raspberry pi 3 as server.

Can you guys help me?

Have you updated the Blynk local server software on your Pi recently?
If you’re getting automatic app updates on your phone, the Pi and app versions are probably out of sync if your local server version hasn’t been updated as well.


Yes, the server is updated, and the sensors are working fine…the problem is the digital pin.

Maybe sharing your code (correctly formatted) would help.


I’m using exacly the Blynk Blynk example. Didn’t change it.

So… if you are using all direct pin manipulation in the App (AKA no vPins and code) we have no easy way of looking over your process or logic… how can we begin to assist?

Did you turn it OFF and ON again? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s why it is so strange…if I’m using just the app, why is it stopping working after a while?

Not really… the App still communicates to the device, and there is still a possibility that something in your process or network is causing timing/communication issues… there is also the possibility of power issues if all you are running off of is the USB.

So many possibilities but not enough info to do much more than guess… sorry.