Problem with Blynk.config

why this part say invalid token Blynk.config(auth, "***.***.***.***", 8442);

[11589] Connecting to
[11696] Invalid auth token
[16689] Connecting to
[16706] Invalid auth token

But this part connected to server Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass, IPAddress(***.***.***.***), 8442);

[10073] Connecting to
[10121] Ready (ping: 6ms).

void loop()

Have you made a WiFi connection when you call the Blynk.config() function?

Presumably you wouldn’t get the invalid token message without WiFi, unless it’s hard coded in the library.

char ssid[] = "Blynk-Test";
char pass[] = "0000000000";

i’m so confused .

Me too :slight_smile:

Perhaps remove all your real code and post a full sketch to identify the problem.


uh God!

  char auth[] = "*";
  Blynk.config(auth, "", 8442);

it’s work :joy::sweat_smile::hushed:

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