Problem regarding tabs and application focus

@Dmitriy @Pavel @vshymanskyy
Dear Sirs,
I discovered something that I report to you for further testing and correcting action if necessary.
Well, in my projects usually I put terminal widget at tab 1 and ( to manage better the screen poor “real estate” ) I put virtual switches on the tab 2. When I push the button on the tab 2 (that is “programmed” to print various information on terminal widget at tab 1 then MOST of the time it prints nothing or only a small amount of the normally printing data. If I moved this switch at tab 1 ( same tab as terminal widget ) THEN all printings are ok and as expected… I believe that you have a “kind of process focus” at the Android app that exhibits this problem or whatever else…

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

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Thanks. Bug confirmed. Will be fixed soon.