Problem exporting CSV file (SuperChart) in my email

Hello, when I ask for CSV export, from History Graph in the blynk application ,i don’t receive it in my email.
But ,before a week,i received email with the history gragh normally.
Also,when i ask for auth,i received email normally.
What’s the problem?What can i do?

Hello. Do you actually have data in history graph? Is issue is still there? Any chance your mail provider blocks mails with attachments? Maybe this is firewall?

Basically, I use also Device Selector and when the program runs, the chart is not drawn.
I don’t know if this means it doesn’t get the data right?
When i run it without device selector,it worked fine.

Is that iOS or Android? Latest version? So the graph is with device selector? Is that superchart or old history graph?

That’s Android.
Blynk version : i had 2.16.2 but just updated to 2.17.2 , i can’t test it right now.I will inform you later.
Widget : superchart