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Hello everybody,
I’m testing Blynk for free, I installed two ESP, everything was working fine, on the smartphone and also on the internet console, but today they’re only working through the console, but what was on the smartphone is no longer visible, just a message that it says, ADD New device, but if I try to let me know I’ve exceeded the 2 device limit, is that because I have to upgrade from my free to paid plan? if i do, will i be able to see my devices again on my smartphone? Someone would know how to answer. Thanks in advance.

@kwiek hello. please tell me your email, I’ll check.

@kwiek It’s our bug. Today we had a server issue. And we have to recover data from the backup, unfortunately, for a few most recent users (you’re included) we weren’t able to restore all data.

At the moment there is no easy way for us to fix it. So in order to make the app back - you need to remove the account and create it again. I checked your project it doesn’t seem to be a complex one. For your inconvenience, I’ll provide you with the Free Plus plan. Will it work for you?

Please let me know when done.

Hi Dimitri

Its no problem, I’m just worried because I’m testing to see the quality and let’s face it this is a problem if I had many users, my future idea is to offer the service here in Brazil, buy a share and resell to several users, but I’m testing and I’m going to make a video for my channel to better spread the idea, and show how easy it is to connect devices etc.
Yes I will redo it again, I’ll let you know as soon as I finish.
Greetings and thanks!

Hi Dimitri,

unfortunately I think you must continue with the problem, or another, I can’t tell you, I deleted the account and created a new one with the email, I did the process in the console to install an ESP32 device but activation with the smartphone is not possible, I follow the steps and try to let blynk create a temporary network and nothing, in my settings there is no Blynk network and with my home network it also doesn’t connect manually or automatically, I think maybe you need one little more time to improve your system, which seems to be on purpose but in practice should still have flaws, i hope that in the near future things improve for you and can offer a more reliable solution.
Thank you for your attention and I wish you luck with the project.
Carlos Kwiek

Hello, I can assure you that blynk is a mature system and used by hundreds of clients. Some of which have dozens of thousands of devices. And most of them use dynamic provisioning. Most likely you have the wrong firmware. Did you follow the quickstart guide?

Hi Dimitri,

I just sent this email for Mark Pan.
Hi mark,

This is the current problem, I followed the instructions on Dimitri’s forum, which explained the problem on the server, and told me to delete the account, to create a new one and redo the projects, I did that.
In the new account I uploaded a code, and made a template, then on my smartphone I did the same thing, that is, two buttons like on the console, but when I try to enable the new device, I get messages such as: Can’t find your device, try manually, but manually there is no temporal network created as indicated in the message, follow the attachments to see if you can help. Let me know if you need anything else.
I attach also the code I used

I understand what you’re saying, and I hope it’s my mistake, if you can help me solve it, I appreciate it.

Thank you!

Your description of the steps you’ve taen seems out of sequence.

You cant upload the code without first creating the template, as the template ID and device name is needed in the code to make the provisioning process work correctly.

Are you following these steps…


Hi Pete,

Thank you, matter resolved, there is a saying here that goes something like this: You only learn by making mistakes and it was only someone who learned, it was mine and you clarified the well, just that, it is now clear to me that the algorithm must have a initial parameter and then base all other projects.

All this confusion was because yesterday there was a system crash and I was affected, I thought that deleting the account and opening another one as Dimitri indicated was enough and I skipped the initial step, but it was very good for learning, because it’s precisely the that I’m doing.




sorry, it was my mistake, as you can see in the description of my answer to pete.

Anyway, the origin of this sequence of errors and learning, originates from the crash of a server, and I imagine that you will be committed to knowing the cause so that it never happens again.



Nice. I’ll grant a plus acc soon for inconvenience.

Thank you so much!


I have a question, if I disconnect the device that is in the geting started template, I won’t be able to upload another device?
In other words, should I always leave the device active and then upload others, or once that’s done can I delete, and upload other codes?


I really don’t understand the question.
The Getting Started template is just an example. If you no longer need it then delete the template.


Thanks Pete, sorry if the question was confusing, but your answer was enlightening, that’s what I wanted to know, if this template was just for starters, but if later it could be deleted without problem. I’ll try to be even clearer, I currently only have two devices, so I wanted to change the started example and use another one now in its place. place another example created by me.

Thanks again for your great help.