Printing Device name to a labeled value display?

I am using an ESP32 with connection over bluetooth. I would like to print the device name to a labeled value display. Is this possible? I could also just have the device name be set as a string and print the string but I don’t think the Blynk.setDeviceName(“Bracelet01”); line allows a string in place of the “Bracelet01”. Is there a way to print the device name to the serial port possibly and read it from there into a labeled value display?
The text below is how I set the device name. I am using the Arduino IDE.

void setup()

  // Debug console

  Serial.println("Waiting for connections...");


  timer.setInterval(5000L, sendValue);

  //pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);
  strip.begin(); //start neopixels; //set all to 'off'

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Without looking at the library, I’d guess that Blynk.setDeviceName() is expecting a char variable type, so something like…

char devicename[] = "Bracelet01";

is more likely to work.


Thank you Pete that worked!

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