Pricing an example woul speak Volumes

HI when i saw this blynk system i thought it was the answer to all my needs.
However i cannot get my programme to run the idea was to use the very smart apearance of the widgets,now i am floored by the pricing system.

  1. Can anyone out there tell me how MUCH for 3 analogue dials , 6 pushbuttons, 6 leds ,1 rtc and push email, in £s please.
    Is the moneys paid monthly yearly ,each time you use the system?.
    I use to tinker with my arduino a lot not so much lately and would like to pick it up again THANKS again. the dashboard still looks great.

@barry1 have you installed Blynk on your phone as the pricing is shown within the app and it is VERY reasonable. It is a one off payment for the widgets that you require and you can reuse them in different projects.

Buttons 200 units X 6 = 1200 units
LED’s 200 units X 6 = 1200 units
RTC 100 units X 1 = 100 units
Email 100 units X 1 = 100 units
Analogue 0 units X 3 = 0 units (but depends what the analogue ports are tied to)

Total approx 2600 units
If you bought 5000 units it would cost $3.99 or approx £2.85 but I believe Blynk give all users around 2000 / 3000 units for free. You might need to buy 1000 units for your project at $0.99 so 70 pence.

Not exactly a lot of money over a lifetime.

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Thanks for the quick answer.
Last 2 questions for now, how do I pay 2 I use 2 mobile phones and 1 tablet for tinkering a home are there any price implicstions, 1 phone will be used swsy from home.

You can use one account on multiple devices, all at the same time if required, and you pay just once for the widgets you require.

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