PostgreSQL saving the wrong time on the local server

Hello everyone
I have the following problem, in my project I keep all temperature and humidity measurements on the local server with postgresql, but the hours are going wrong, it always leaves 3 hours more than right, I tried to do everything but nothing worked .
I am using an Arduino UNO with an Ethernet Shield W5100, I am saving everything on a local server (version 0.41.15).
thank you all for your attention


Hello. It’s a UTC time. You have to adjust it according to your timezone.

Being a layman being my first time where I set this UTC, on the Postgresql server or on the Arduino?

On the Postgre server, he is in the São Paulo timezone, but he still returns me the wrong time

I think that’s what’s happening is that the Blynk server uses the time zone settings to calculate what UTC is.
It then timestamps the records with UTC time.

I believe that this is done so that the server can display correct timestamp data in Superchart regardless of where in the world the mobile device that is showing the data is…

If you tried to fool the server into thinking that it’s in a different time zone and set the time incorrectly then data viewed in the app will have the wrong time.
The server is working as designed, simply add 3 hours to the timestamps to give the local time.


So just set the time zone to -3 which would solve it?
Or would I have to do something else?

Have you read what I wrote?


I think you didn’t understand what I meant, but thank you all so much for your help and support, from now on I assume.

I think it’s more a case of you not understanding what I meant.
The Blynk cloud servers are located in three different parts of the world, in different time zones to each other.
Users of the Blynk cloud servers are located all around the world, in every conceivable time zone.

For things like timer widgets and superchart widgets to work correctly, there has to be a system for coping with this. That system is (as far as I can work out) to store all data on the servers in UTC time, then use the local time zone of the app to correct for this.

I realise that you are running a local server, but the server software is basically the same. You have to allow the server to store data with UTC timestamps if you want your app widgets to work correctly.

So the simple newer is to allow the server to work as designed, and to convert the UTC data to your local timezone when you extract it for whatever purpose it is being used.

If you re-read my earlier post I think you’ll see that this is exactly what I was saying then.


it’s ok I understood your point, but thank you very much for your attention and your help.