Post non blynk related questions?

This is my first project and I’m not really sure of the online etiquette. Should I post non-blynk related project questions on the board? Or should I find a board related more to the topic? I’ve already received great help on blynk for non blynk mattersFor Example. Plus I imagine it would draw more people to this board, but I also know its nice to keep things organized, I’m just not very familiar with many forums.

Well I’ll answer then! :slight_smile:

Kind of like our back and forth in your link… I think this community is okay with it. No matter what question you ask here, it’s likely to lead to “here’s how I did it with Blynk.” That and I feel like this forum is a smaller but more helpful bunch.

Now in terms of getting help from the largest pool of people possible, Arduino’s forum is okay but I feel like you have to tread lightly: Ask a question “wrong” and the oldtimers there will take your head off! Between Reddit’s Arduino and ESP8266 I think you’ll get the most eyes looking at your question.

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