Possible to use service from arbitrary computer?

I have a project that I put together last year using Python on a RaspPi 2. It BEGS to have a “remote display” and Blynk would be perfect. I’ve tried to use the REST examples, but I can’t seem to make anything work. Is it even possible with out the Blynk libraries installed on the device?

Please advise.

Yes, it is possible. When you say REST examples. Do you mean this ones?

No, I meant these ones: http://docs.blynkapi.apiary.io/#reference/0/pin-actions/write-pin-value

I feel like I’m missing something.

Those link is just API description. It is doesn’t point to real Blynk Cloud. If you want to try API with blynk cloud, you need

Blynk host : blynk-cloud.com
Blynk port : 8080


You can also have a look in above link to get understanding how you could send HTTP queries from Arduino or ESP8266.
HTTP Blynk API is ok and working but we didn’t “Published” it. (Buy certificates, move to port 80 and 443, etc, as we are busy with other tasks at the moment).

Totally works, thanks!

Hmmm, I’m getting a reading on the Value Display, but when I try to plot the exact same value on a History Graph, it perpetually says “No data”. What am I missing?

@mkoistinen you mean from Blynk App? Graph data is updated once a minute (for 1h, 6h periods).

Not in my case. I’ve been running this for 11 hours now. The Value Display is updated once per minute, but the History Graph still shows “No data”. It is definitely connected to the same, virtual pin. All the data is sent as integers from 0 to about 20,000 or so.

At one point, I was sending floats. I wondered if the graph wasn’t able to cope with those, so I changed it to receive ints. The graph still didn’t work, so, I created a brand new blynk app and used the new auth code in my app. Still, the Value Display works, the History Graph is empty.

Not sure what else to do =/

@mkoistinen ahh. You send data via HTTP? In that case - yes. Indeed I didn’t think it is necessary. But I’ll add it to HTTP API also. Thank you for pointing. (Will add in 2-3 days)

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@mkoistinen implemented. In few days will be available in cloud.

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@mkoistinen done. please have a look.

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