Possible to get server version from hardware?

Dear Sirs,
does anybody know if I can get the Blynk Server version from my hardware (ESP8266) or from the Android Blynk app ?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

I don’t think this info is shared with either nodes or app. Theoretically If you really need it, you could run a simple blynk client on server machine and send it back to server where it can be shared with other nodes.

Dear @marvin7 thanks for your reply.
I have a local server and although is not vital, it will be helpful to have the server version. I am not sure that I understood your workaround, but it’s not important as I am looking for a native support on this, if this exist…

Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

My workaround is based on a simple Blynk script, running on the same machine as the server does, which will be able to query for, and send the server version TO the server. A kind of “circle”, but if it would be important…? :roll_eyes: Just pointing to a possible solution :wink: No other I’m aware of.

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Hi Mike,

Why don’t you hard code it?
Maybe it is possible to include command line in the batch and upload to IFTT ?

echo Server latest version on folder is %latestjar%
“Blynk Server 0.41.8-SNAPSHOT successfully started.”



Thanks a lot Alexis !
( Although I am using Linux OS … )

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I think you have a batch file to start blynk server ?

I use systemd on Linux ( Ubuntu ) to start / auto start the Blynk server

can you implement a cmd line like under windows system ?

may be that can help, I never use linux :anguished:

Dear friend thanks for your effort to help me and sorry for my late answer.
I know Linux and I can handle this situation, no problem.
Not to forget to say, that originally my questions was for a native way to get the version of the running Blynk Server thought…

Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

I recall trying a few times before… I don’t think there is any “native” way built into the libraries to do it.

I wonder if a script could pull something usable from this command, or somthing similar, and transfer it to a string for display?



With Windows 10 you can use PowerShell to upload any results to widget.
BTW , I don’t how to make it work under Linux.