Possible to create bigger control sets?

I was wondering what I need to do if I would like to create on project where I want to control 28 LEDs each with one fader? My Android phone doesnt have such a big screen :wink:
I would love to see sth like where I can swipe left or right to a new set of control elements but still for the same project …
is that in plan or already possibel?


Multi-paging is not going to happen in nearest future since it may create gestures conflicts. However multiple dashboards tied to one hardware will be possible.

Well you could do it with tabs…like touchOSC APP is doing. But I understand that you habe higher priorized topics, it was just an idea…
Maybe also/ as an alternative it would be cool to be able to in-/decrease size of control elements… Keep it in your set of ideas :wink:

So when is the next app-update planned? Cant wait to See new widgets


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