Position of slider always rounds down

I found one low priority issue/thing to improve:

  • Position of slider always rounds downward e.g. if you have slider with just three values. -1 0 1.
    For first half of the slider positions it will holds value -1, for second half it will holds value 0 and only at very right end position it will hold value 1.

I think it would better if it would split position space into equal intervals (range of first and last value could have size 1/2 of the rest of the ranges in order to make it implementable by simple rounding )


Slider is not designed for it :wink: You can use joystick.

I understand that it’s not what you need exactly, but hey, this is very specific requirement. Maybe it should be a different widget at all?

you can just specify range -100…100 and then divide by 100 on hardware side.
Hope that helps

By that example i just wanted to show that it is much harder to reach maximum value on slider than minimum.

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