Porting to other device platforms

What are the minimum requirements to get a port running on a non standard platform. In one of the docs I saw a placeholder for a porting guide. Is there one available - even in draft?

Blynk folks no comment?


Hi, missed your post. By minimum requirements you mean hardware specifications (cpu, ram)? Currently Blynk library divided on 2 parts - protocol part and hardware specific part. So in order to port to other platform you need to change only hardware specific part. I’m not aware of specific details. Hope @vshymanskyy could help you here.

We already have several people ported our sw to their boards without problems!
Could you please elaborate - what your platform consists of?

Hi it is not a traditional microconroller architecture. It is 6502 based. Can you point me to the code I need to review in order to do a port?

HI guys can you get me pointed in the right direction?

Esquillo Air…

A porting doc would really help grow the user base.

This would be great indeed!

Documentation is in early stages, but here is what we have for now: https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-library/tree/master/docs

@vshymanskyy will help with all the questions

@vshymanskyy okay, you have a captive audience.

First off, the board json file. In the digital and analog mapping sections, when it says pins… is that device pin or some other abstraction (IDE pin)?

Have you folks made any more headway on a porting guide yet?

it’s a physical IO pin
Virtual Pins should stay the same as in other JSONs


Don’t worry regarding the JSON file for now…
You can use Generic Board in the App.
When you get basic operations working, we will help you to prepare the json.
Anyway we need to test the board at our side before we add it to the Apps…


I want to port this on PIC18/32 platform, given you just have arduino style library, it will not compile with C compiler this micro has, can you point me in right direction on how to get started.

I think this guy has ported Blynk library to a C compiler: http://www.instructables.com/id/WIZnet-W5500-EVB-and-Blynk-App-communication/