Plus widgets pack and pro widgets pack

Is there gonna be plus widgets and pro widgets or it’s just a mistake ?

As per my understanding the widgets on offer for both plus and pro plans are the same.

But now they are bringing new changes !!
So they may add/remove few widgets between plans.

I really don’t think this will be a wise decision, in my opinion many customers are not gonna like this. I hope if they keep everything as it is.

I feel like taking a long break from Blynk and coming back after a few months. By that time everything would have been settled and one can make a proper choice. I wish they bring back the device adding capabilities for all the plans…!!!

Unfortunately, I can’t do that because I’m using blynk everyday, but if they stop adding more limitations that would be great.

What was initially planned as near to perfect…
They could have charged extra like - web dashboard etc etc… More n more restriction is limiting us to try out new things… :sob:

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I tried other things but to be honest there’s nothing like blynk, it’s my favorite so far, I’ve been using it for years I’m so satisfied and I will be more happy if they stop adding more limitations.