"plus" plan - user access to template and device

Currently I have two projects there, one is to provide automatic irrigation to a sensory garden and the other is to monitor the temperature and humidity of a very special national costume collection. They have no mechanism to monitor this remotely.
The museum recently won the top museum award in Portugal and provides a valuable asset to to the art and film industry for genuine antique costume. The director needs to present accurate records of the stability of the environment. Later I would like to instal an energy monitor so that visitors could see how the existing solar panel array is contributing to the ecology of the museum.
As I also have quite a few “home IOT” projects I don’t want these being confused or altered by the Museum staff. It is important they cannot see my private projects, so just enabling the permissions tab where users cannot see any device except those allocated to them would solve this issue.
See http://www.museu-sbras.com/
For more details.
Again, thanks for your time.

For this scenario you can create a separate account for museum. Or offer them to buy PRO account if this is an important information for them. They can even submit reports to those who require records of stability.

Hi Pavel,
Thank you for your reply, however as a charity with little IT skills the best option would be to enable the “User” permissions on the console.

Then the only viable option would be to run a separate free account for them. Permission scheme will stay as is. Thanks for understanding.

This is off topic, but I wouldn’t want to create a new one.
The PRO plan permissions setting states that an Administrator can create and edit templates, but in fact I added an Administrator to the organization and he was denied permission to create a new template. Can this be fixed?

And the second question: the site indicates that technical support for the PRO plan is “Ticketing system with 1-3 business days reply”, to which address should technical questions be sent?

Hi Pavel
It is valid argument that, Jonnep just can create an new plus account for the museum or any othere friends.

But still there should only be one device admin per account, this will still protect blynk from misuse as everybody (useres) can see all device but not change the device.


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This is because there can be only one developer in your organization (for now). Your admin should go to his profile and turn on I’m developer switch. This is very confusing, I know. We are working on improving this experience.

Unfortunately, this is not possible!
When an administrator tries to click the “Developer Mode” button, a message appears:
Developer mode for Administrator is enabled only if I turn it off in my account. This is contrary to what is stated in “roles and permissions”…

I would also like to clarify about my question above about technical support …

This is a very good string and addresses the problem that I am facing with introducing friends to Blynk without inviting them to my organization. I have read the documentation about sharing and this string confirms what is in the documentation. The restrictions on sharing a template outside the organization is attributed to a business decision within the Blynk organization. This makes a lot of business sense for the reasons already discussed. However, the cost jump from a plus to a pro account is very substantial.

May I suggest having incremental account steps within an account type with a lower cost per step or having a cafeteria style account structure where a person may choose the features as they build their Blynk account moving forward.