Plotting multiple graphs in graph widget with same scale

I have app running well for months using ESP8266. In one area I plot 3 temperatures in the same graph widget. I am having an issue with scaling. If I set a fixed range scale pick for each of the three temperatures I get them actually plotting on the same scale in that one widget (the temps overlay). However the range is typically within the same 50 degrees for all temperatures, but the absolute level changes daily. Each temperature has a different range, but #1 is the greatest range.

What I would like to do is have the widget scale AutoRange on plot #1 with a fixed range, but then have plot #2 and plot #3 use the same scale that plot #1 created.

Am I not finding this feature? Could a feature be added that lets plot #1 set the y axis scale for all the others in the same widget?

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Its a per graph setting. You wont be able to mix the values the way you are looking for without:

splitting them off… (ie #1 in one graph, #2 and #3 in the other graph.)
playing with something like the
% of Height
in the app, set it to 0 to 50% to see if it might suit your needs.

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Thank you Ivennard for confirming that the “feature” I am looking for does not exist. Just needed to make sure I did not miss the way to do it. Thank you for your advice also.