Please help me with this my antique question - GETTING DATA FROM BLYNK SERVER

Bello friends! Sorry for my English and if his topic is closed…
Well…For a long time and several projects using arduinp and blynk I always face the need to get data sent to blynk through virtual ports. What I need is a simple way to read data sent to blynk server (usually by other hardware). The write functions only work for buttons or slider buttons. I currently use to share data between hardwares…however I don’t like besides overloading my codes … please… already spent several nights awake looking for a solution … but blynk.write and don’t seem to work

Of it’s the cloud server then at best you will get around 10 days of data at one data point per minute.
The simplest way to get this in CSV format is the Reports widget.

If you are running a local server and have Raw data storage enabled then you can still use the Reports widget and you’ll be able to configure it so that you get more data, or you could interrogate the Postgresql database to extract the data.


Hi Pete thanks for the quick response. Let me try to explain myself a little better … I have an application that periodically sends data from the analog port to Blynk through the virtual port. I would like to have access (not to the data report) but only the last data sended so that it can be analyzed by another arduino. I wish there was a function like “read from last data on virtual pin 5 (V5), for example”. I’ve tried blynk.write,, without sucess Is there any light on that path ???

I would like to say that I am a chemistry teacher and I am not an expert in this area. Although in the last time I have spent more time in this very interesting “hobby” of embedded electronics than in my work …kkk

If you’ve just written the data to the virtual pin then you already know the value of that pin - so I’m not sure why you need to read it back.

However, Blynk.syncVirtual(V5) will cause the BLYNK_WRITE(V5) callback to ‘fire’ and the and then the param.asInt() param.asFloat() or param.asString() command can be used to retrieve the current value of the virtual pin.