Please help me always this happend

Something isn’t working properly. Based on your information, that’s all we can tell you.

i used blynk example not else

Whitch of the 48+ examples are you referring to??.. What hardware type, method of communication, Phone, software versions, etc??

Please give us some details or this will be very hard to diagnose :wink:

terminal example using esp8266 and wifi communacition method

Ah ha… well there is your issue! See, right there… where I am pointing…

Honestly, I can’t look over your shoulder… Post your complete sketch showing all connection info (blank out the auth, SSID and PASS).

What ESP hardware are you using?

How are you powering it?

Is your WiFi connection close and stable?

Have you tried any other examples?

Please… Work WITH me/us or you just might have to figure it out on your own.

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