Photovoltaic Datalogger

Hi to everyone,
I’m developping a project with the energy meter PZEM004 for monitoring the energy produced by my photovoltaic system.
I’m using SUPERCHART widget to plot the real time energy produced and no problem with this feature.

I’d like to create another chart with the total daily production, the idea is to plot at each day the value of the energy produced. So in one month I can se the total energy produced day by day. See below what I mean (this is the graph showed by the web page of the invertergraph )

I tried to plot the value once a day at 00.00. But I see a graph with only one value each 24h. Between each daily transmission i see only 0 values.

One solution could be to plot at each hour the daily energy produced the day before (always the same value, 24 transmissions of the same value per day). In this way when I set in the X axis “1 month” I will see only one value per day (but, for example, the value of the day 10, the value is really of the day before)…
Any suggestions?

Have you tried turning on the “connect missing data points” option in Superchart?


Thanks for the reply.
There isn’t this option for the BAR style…

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Make sure you have 1 month range selected from “Standard resolution” section.
1 Month from “Standard resolution” plots 1 value per day
1 Month from “High resolution” plots 1 value per hour

Ok, I already read this.
I selected 1 month range in standard resolution but I don’t see anything.
If I use “Tap’n’hold to view timestamp and corresponding values” I see the value but not the BAR…
The Y scale is correct… Maybe a bug?

But a doubt:
I have only one data each day, with the "1 Month from Standard resolution” it plots 1 value per day… What value it plots? The only one present?

Could you make a screenshot?