Photon and Virtual IO

It appears that on my Photon that BLYNK_READ() isn’t being called, even though it’s tied to a LED virtual pin. Also, calling virtualWrite() in the main loop() seems to lead to connection problems (photon device offline). Using a delay(250) seems to alleviate the problem. Has anyone else experienced these issues on the Photon?

Please read documentation on how to perform basic Blynk operations:

Using virtualWrite() in the void loop - causes FLOOD error. Please use timers

Thanks Pavel. Is there a Photon timer library similar to SimpleTimer for the Arduino or one that you recommend? I know, I should probably search the Blynk community libraries but I thought I’d ask first! :smile:

There are a couple of them. I’m using a simplest one: Polled timer or smth like that( I’m not near laptop now)

Thanks Pavel, it’s the SPARKCOREPOLLEDTIMER library.

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can you please explain how to use the SPARKCOREPOLLEDTIMER.

You should check their example. It’s really very simple.

This is their github, but you should go to Particle IDE and include this library and see the example sketch