Password reset Token expired, now won't send new link

Hi. I tried to reset my password today, after requesting it the first time, I got a reset link in my email. I waited about 90 minutes to click on it since I was inbetween stops. The landing page said “Your token was not found or it is outdated. Please try again.”, so I went back to the app to ask for a new reset link, but this time, the app said my email address was not found in the database. I’m worried now since I have quite a few dashboards I have created and apps developed. Can anyone give me any advise on what happened and how to regain access to my account?


OK, found out the issue. It must use a port my firewall blocked when requesting a new password from my work wifi. After disabling wifi, I was able to request a new password. The issue is that the error message mentioned a database issue instead of a timeout issue.

All good now