Password Input Field

So i am working on project where i need password protection for widgets. It is only for multiple family users but i still don’t wanna that everyone can change settings.

My current solution for this is using terminal. But terminal has few disadvantages. First u cant clear data. So password stays there and other users can simply read it. Second u need to write ugly code for each widget preventing changes and changing status back to default.

So i suggest totally new input field only for password.
Maybe u could also set somehow widgets that this password affects …

I would also like to use this password to lock specific widgets. Why? When u have multiple buttons on screen and u wanna scroll u accidentally press the wrong one. It happens a lot of time. And buttons are kind of important… :slight_smile:

or is there any other better solution for password?

Simple code exists on this site for requiring a second press of a button before the action is confirmed. After the first press of some of our buttons the labels changes to Press again. It’s for the important stuff like clearing EEPROM of Blynk provisioning details etc.