Particle-server vs blynk

I’d like to understand the similarities and differences between a local particle-server and a local blynk server. I have the local blynk server up and running and it works flawlessly. In a nutshell, are these 2 products doing the same thing? Would it make sense to use both or should I just stick with one or the other? Btw, I use a Particle Photon.

Glad to hear that Blynk Server works so good! :sunglasses:

I often disconnect Blynk projects from Spark Cloud after connecting it to our server, but I also place a button to connect back to Particle Cloud (via Virtual Pin and particle.connect() ) in case I want to update the firmware over the air. Blynk doesn’t have this feature (yet? :smile: )

But they can work side by side. Working like a charm as well.

Thank you. I use to control my Photon from the command line. However, due to limitations with the blynk-server, I cannot use it for reading (dr, vr, ar), only writing. Therefore, I have to keep particle-server active until this is updated. I’m hoping this is planned for the future.