Particle Photon problem running example code

Just getting started and trying to start with a simple “known working example”

I have loaded the Blynk library(Ver BLYNK 0.3.8) into Particle IDE (Firmware 0.5.2 ) and I loaded the example code in the library called 01_PARTICLE.INO . I added the suggested widget on my IOS phone. Everything works for a while… then after an hour or so the Analog input on the Photon pulls itself low. It’s as if the analog input turned into a digital output and was sent low. The Blynk app keep reading the voltage but it’s very low because the pin is now a low impedance (as shown by a DVM).

A restart of the Particle board sometimes fixes this, most times it does not. Also the Particle seams to reset often. I did not change the example code except to add my Token. The Particle works fine in the same spot near the Access Point running the Particle example code - Tinker. So I believe the Particle is working fine.