Particle Electron - Compiling Firmware with Blynk from CL


I’m using a Particle Electron with Blynk. Blynk has been amazing!

My problem is with the high cellular data usage. I’m burning through 1 MB of data per day!

Yesterday I modified my Electron code so that no data is being pushed to Blynk. I added a pushbutton in Blynk, when pressed, signals my Electron to send data to Blynk one time - on demand.

It appears this did very little. After 9 hours and 45 minute I’m still at 0.5 MB and there were no requests for data from the Blynk app during this time.

I do not see any way of modifying Blynk.config.h in the Particle IDE to change the HEARTBEAT so I added the following lines to my Electron code.


This had little or no effect on the high cellular data usage.

In yet another attempt to reduce cellular data usage, I would like to compile the Electron code locally from the command line (CL).

What Blynk files do I need to include if I compile my code locally?

I’m hopeful that if I make changes to HEARTBEAT in Blynk.config.h and compile it locally the results may be better.

I’ve searched the Blynk community and this appears to be a common problem with the Electron.